Hurricane Irma Aftermath In the Lower Florida Keys - 9/10/2017
Published: 2 months ago
Apocalyptic scene across Florida Keys following devastating storm surge across Big Pine, Bahia Honda, Marathon, Duck, Long, and Lower Matecumbe Keys.
Hurricane Irma Hits Key West, FL In The Overnight 9/9/2017
Published: 2 months ago
High winds snapping powerlines causing powerflashes all over Key West eventually causing widespread poweroutage. Large downed trees blocking roads, ...
Rockport, TX Hurricane Harvey Extreme Damage - 8/26/2017
Published: 2 months ago
New video from Rockport, TX area this morning of Category 4 Hurricane Harvey after it made landfall on the Texas coast causing catastrophic damage.
Extreme Tornado Footage Wynnewood, OK with debris Flying In the Air - 5/9/2016
Published: 1 year ago
New video shows a strong tornado develop west of I-35 and west of Wynnewood, OK on Monday afternoon, May 09, 2016. Clips show tornado in various stages ...
Rockport, TX After Hurricane Harvey Showing What Happened - 8/26/2017
Published: 2 months ago
Damage, debris, storm surge and flooding aftermath in Rockport TX after Category 4 Hurricane Harvey pounded city and surrounding areas. All footage shot ...
Hurricane Irma Hitting Marco Island, FL - 9/10/2017
Published: 2 months ago
Intense footage of the Eyewall of hurricane Irma in Marco Island Shot Description 1). Tree falling 2). Shots of 130 gusts in front of beach club 3). Tennis area ...
Bowie, TX Massive Three Inch Hail Storm - 4/11/2016
Published: 1 year ago
A tornado-warned storm hammered Bowie, TX destroying vehicles at a gas station off US-287. Hail measured at 3-inches came down like rockets while people ...
Canton, TX Violent Wedge Tornado - 4/29/2017
Published: 6 months ago
Violent wedge tornado from south of Canton, Texas and crossing I-20 Shot Description 1). Tornado developing and crossing Highway 19. 2). Wedge tornado ...
Hurricane Irma, Florida Keys after the storm - 9/10/2017
Published: 2 months ago
CAT 4 Hurricane Irma aftermath footage of wind and storm surge damaged homes, and businesses, damaged Bahia Honda State Park, stranded boats on US ...
Hurricane Harvey Eye Wall Extreme Winds, Rockport, TX - 8/25/2017
Published: 2 months ago
Hurricane Harvey grew to Category 4 status before making landfall on the Texas coast causing serious damage to local areas. Shot Description Shot 1-5: ...
Yabucoa Puerto Rico Hurricane Maria CAT 5 At Landfall - 9/20/2017
Published: 1 month ago
CAT 4/5 eyewall winds from Hurricane Maria rip apart Yabucoa, Puerto Rico as eye makes landfall. Roofs ripped off, debris flying, lightning in the intense ...
Sarasota, FL Water Drains From Sarasota Bay, Reverse Surge - 9/10/2017
Published: 2 months ago
Reverse surge leaves docks dry, boats on bottom, and tied hanging from docks, as Irma empties Sarasota Bay in Sarasota FL. Also first squall line impacts ...
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