SML Short: Jeffy's Tantrum!
Published: 8 months ago
Jeffy wants a game on the app store but Mario won't buy it for him! NEW LONGER VIDEO ON SUNDAY!!!
SML Short: Jeffy's Bathtime!
Published: 9 months ago
It's time to give Jeffy a Bath! This is a short since there will be a new video Tuesday!
SML Movie: Substitute Teacher!
Published: 10 months ago
Jackie Chu is sick so there is a substitute teacher! WATCH FIRST PART FIRST:
SML Short: Bowser Junior's Nerf War!
Published: 1 year ago
Bowser Junior and his friends have a huge nerf war!
SML Short: Jeffy Has Hiccups!
Published: 3 months ago
Jeffy has hiccups and Mario tries to get rid of them! Follow on instagram:
SML Movie: Jeffy Gets Bullied!
Published: 4 months ago
Jeffy is getting bullied at school. Jeffy teaches the bully a lesson! FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM:
SML Movie: The Monster!
Published: 1 month ago
There is a monster under Jeffy's bed! Nicktendo's channel!
SML Movie: Inside Jeffy
Published: 9 months ago
We go inside Jeffy's Brain to see what makes him the way he is! Warning: Strong Language!
SML Movie: Jeffy's Pet!
Published: 10 months ago
Jeffy sees Junior's dog and decides he wants a pet!
SML Movie: Smart Jeffy
Published: 11 months ago
Jeffy becomes smart after a freak accident! Warning: Strong Language!
SML Movie: The Mystery Safe!
Published: 7 months ago
Bowser Junior finds a mystery safe in his backyard! Follow me on instagram:
SML Movie: Bowser Junior Goes To The Future!
Published: 8 months ago
Bowser Junior is frozen for 50 years! Kinda. THANK YOU FOR 1.5 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS!!!
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